Research Lines and Groups

Sleep-Wakefulness brain mechanisms
Dra. Isabel de Andrés & Dr. Miguel Garzón
Neural Mechanisms involved in Sensory Processing
Ángel Núñez Molina
Human movement analysis
Dra. Estrella Rausell
Cellular Connectomics Laboratory
Dr. Francisco Clascá & Dr. Lucía Prensa
Plasticity of the somatosensory system and its involvement in chronic pain
Dr. Carlos Avendaño & Dra. Pilar Negredo
Modulation of Neural Excitability and Synaptic Transmission and its role in Learning and Memory
Dr. David Fernández de Sevilla
Histology and physiology of the male reproductive tract
Dr. Luis Santamaría
Degeneration and regeneration of the central nervous system
Dr. Mar Pérez, Dr. Vega García-Escudero & Dr. Mª Teresa Moreno Flores
Brain plasticity in psychiatric disorder
Dr. Javier Gilabert-Juan
Laboratory of brain structure and plasticity in human and animal models
Dr. Carmen Cavada, Dr. Miguel Angel García-Cabezas & Dr. Javier Gilabert-Juan