Applied Anatomy Laboratory

The fast-paced rhythm of innovation in modern surgical and imaging technologies demands from clinical professionals increasing anatomical competence and constant learning of new surgical skills. Practical courses on human cadavers offer the ideal setup for learning anatomy and mastering new technical skills, without any risk for patients.

The Autonoma de Madrid University, though its Applied Anatomy Laboratory, collaborates with surgeons, hospitals, scientific societies and biomedical companies in the organization of workshops or short professional training courses of national or international scope. It also provides the facilities for research projects on human cadavers aimed at the development of new diagnostic or therapeutic tools. All cadavers used in these activities proceed from the Body Donation Program of the UAM School of Medicine.

Proposals about new activities should be addressed to Drs. Francisco Clascá or Carmen Cavada Martínez, Professors of Human Anatomy. Proposals are evaluated based on their scientific merit and/or interest for professionals. Billing and legal formalities are handled by the Autonoma de Madrid University Foundation..