Deparment of Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience

The Department is located in the campus of the Faculty of Medicine. It was created at the founding of the Faculty of Medicine and began classes in the 1968-69 academic year under the direction of Professor Fernando Reinoso-Suárez, who was Head of the Department up to his retirement in 1994. At present the Department consists of 30 teachers and investigators, administration and support staff, and pre- and postdoctoral Fellows.

The Department of Anatomy, Histology and Neuroscience provides and extensive educational programme for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programmes. The Department coordinates the UAM-Cajal Graduate Neuroscience Program for training professionals and biomedical researches in Neuroscience. We offer a Master (90 ECTS) and the Doctorate in Neuroscience.

The Department has an important scientific life with two main areas of investigation: Neuroscience and Andrology. In the last ten years, 440 articles have been published by the Department in SCI-registered/listed journals with national and international diffusion.

Currently direction

Dr. Miguel Garzón


Dr. Luis Santamaría

Associate Director

Dra. Mar Pérez


Directores anteriores

Prof. Fernando Reinoso Suárez

Director 1969-1992

Prof. Alfonso Llamas Marcos

Director 1993-1997

Prof. Enrique Martínez Moreno

Director 1997-2000

Profa. Isabel de Andrés de la Calle

Directora 2000-2003

Prof. Carlos Avendaño Trueba

Director 2004-2007

Profa. Carmen Cavada Martínez

Directora 2007-2010

Prof. Ángel Núñez Molina

Director 2010-2017