Installations- General

  • Departmental Library
  • Meeting Room
  • Seminar Room

Anatomy Facilities

  • Dissection Room for Human Anatomy
  • Applied Anatomy Laboratory
  • Anatomical Specimens'treatment and preservation facilities.
  • Multimedia Anatomy Laboratory.
  • Microscope Laboratory.

Research Facilities

  • General Neurohistology Laboratory
  • Immunocytochemistry Laboratory
  • Ultramicrotome Laboratory
  • Organotypic and Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Experimental Surgery Rooms and Perfusion Room
  • Cell Neurophysiology Laboratory
  • Sleep Neurobiology Laboratory
  • Image analysis and digital tracing equipments (Videoplan, Neurolucida)
  • CAST Stereology Equipment
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Service1
  • Confocal Microscopy Service1
  • Veterinary Facilities and Animal Housing2

1Belong to the UAM Interdepartmental Investigation Service

2Belong to the UAM Rectorate

Experimental Surgery Rooms
Confocal Microscopy Service