Program duration and tuition fees

The general deadline for defense of the PhD Thesis is three academic years from admission under full-time dedication regime. A fourth-year extension may be granted upon request. The Program Committee may grant a fifth-year extension, if justified reasons exist.

The Program can be taken also part-time. In this case, the maximum duration is five years. Additional extensions may be authorized for up to a total of three more years.

The price of the Ph.D Tuition in Madrid public universities is set by the Regional Government. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the price is:

  • Tuition: academic year fee (€ 390 for full-time students and € 234 for part-time students); Thesis defense fee (€ 143.15).
  • Administration charges: Application processing fee (€ 27.54), annual administration fee (€ 6.11), PhD degree issuance fee, (€ 229.86 at the point of Thesis Defense).