International Seal of Award

In the current Spanish legal framework for doctorate studies, it is possible adding an honorary "International Seal of Award" to the PhD title when the Thesis project is developed as an extended collaboration between academic institutions from different countries.

The specific conditions for obtaining this Seal are as follows:

1. The student must have spent at least three months carrying out research work related to the Thesis project at a research center outside Spain.

2. If such stay takes place in a non-Spanish-speaking country, the Thesis must be written in English. In this case, a Spanish version of the Summary and Conclusions must be also included.

3. Before its final submission, the Thesis must be revised and approved for Defense by two doctors from non-Spanish higher education / research institutions.

4. The Thesis Committee must include one or two experts from non-Spanish higher education / research institutions, other than the person who was the host of the student at the foreign institution.

5. The Thesis defense must be carried out at the UAM.

6. The student must request the Seal at submission of the Thesis.