Applicant’s requirements

  • A Bachelor degree in Experimental or Health Sciences, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Psychology or other related. If the applicant, whether Spanish or other nationality, has another type of degree, the Program Direction Commission shall examine the courses of record on the applicant's academic history and the training attained by the student before considering the application.

  • All candidates must prove sufficient knowledge of English, at least a B2 level or equivalent.

  • Applicants from non-Spanish-speaking countries must prove they have at least a B2 level of language competence or its equivalent, in Spanish.

Required Documents for Application

  • The personal letter giving the reasons for applying to the program.

  • Accreditation of a level of B2 in the English language.

  • Accreditation of a level of B2 in the Spanish language (only required for non-Spanish-speaking students/applicants).

Merit Evaluation

The Program Direction Commission will evaluate the applications based on the following criteria:

1. Academic record: Undergraduate marks will be considered with special attention to the grades received in Anatomy, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology.

2. Curriculum vitae (CV): Any previous work done by the candidate in relation to Neuroscience research. Of particular interest would be having received any research grants or fellowships and having made any presentations at scientific congresses and/or published in a scientific journal.

3. 3. A personal letter: outlining the applicant's reasons for applying to study the UAM Master in Neuroscience and their future professional plans, including, if applicable, the possibility of continuing their training in the Doctorate Program.

4. A personal interview may be requested if it is deemed useful.

5. The Program Direction Commission may require enrolment in "Training Electives/Complements" by those candidates who, while offering notable merits in some areas, still present certain important lagoons in so far as the level of biology knowledge required to follow the Master courses.

Click here to access the application deadlines and the necessary documents to make the application.


The classes of the Master's subjects can be taught in Spanish or English. It is necessary to have a fluent level of both languages at a level equivalent to or greater than B2 (see criteria for admission to the Program).

The request for admission to the Master in Neuroscience and the rest of the official Masters of the UAM has to be presented "on line" to the UAM POSTGRADUATE CENTER web page Follow the instructions in "Access and Admission" and "Enrollment” links there. More info

If there are any doubts, enquiries can be made to the information telephone number of the UAM Post Graduate Center: (34) 91 497- 4110, or by E-mail:

Yes. Each candidate admitted to the program will be informed of the name of their assigned Academic Tutor, among the Master’s Faculty. Before formalizing enrollment, the student must contact their Tutor to obtain more complete information on the content and any other information relative to the courses that will help them to make the final decision on enrollment in specific free Elective Courses (Modules 2 and 3).

No. The TFM enrollment must be done in the second academic year, after the student has completed 35 ECTS of mandatory core courses, and at least 25 ECTS of elective courses.

In the first academic year (first and second Semesters) students must take 60 ECTS (35 of which will be compulsory and 25 electives). In order to make the free choice courses easier, there is a margin of additional 5 electives ECTS. Therefore, the value of elective courses may be between 35 and 40 ECTS. Once the above 60 ECTS have been passed, in the 2nd academic year (third semester), the student can enroll the remaining 10 electives ECTS + the Master’s Thesis 20 ECTS.

Yes, the Program can be done part-time. In this case, the student must complete at least 24 ECTS yearly. The Academis Tutor will advise the student as to the most appropriate/useful courses in light of the student's personal circumstances.

The Master in Neuroscience is an official master. Therefore, the value of the credit ETCS is fixed each year by the "Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid". The first-time enrollment price is about € 4,087 for the full 90 ECTS Master’s Program (for Spaniards and residents), and about € 7,600 for non-EU residents. For updated price information, see “fees and public prices” in the UAM Postgraduate Studies Center website.

No. All the Master’s courses, except one, are face-to-face courses.

In our Academic Information page, you can find detailed information about the Courses offered each Semester, their Guides and the courses Calendar (“Damero”).

Foreign students are advised to consult the web page for the UAM International Relations Office for information about grants or agreements between the UAM and foreign universities that may be of interest.