Program Overview

Obtaining a UAM Master’s Degree in Neuroscience requires passing 90 European Credit Transfer System credits (ECTS) over 3 or 4 Semesters. The Master’s curriculum is structured in 4 Modules:

Module 1:

Mandatory Courses

7 Courses about fundamental contents. Must be completed in the first two Semesters


Modules 2 & 3:

Elective Courses*

18 Special Topic (Module 2) and 5 Methodological (Module 3) Courses.


To be chosen from among the Courses offered

Module 4:

Master's Thesis

To be carried out in the second academic year; usually under the direction of a Master's professor


(*) In the first Academic Year, students usually take 25 of these elective ECTS, and then complete the remaining 10 in the second year, in parallel with the Master’s Thesis. Up to 8 of these elective ECTS can be taken from courses in other UAM official masters.

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